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CSCS-FoMICS-USI Autumn School


The Swiss Graduate Program FoMICS "Foundations in Mathematics and Informatics for Computer

Simulations in Science and Engineering" in cooperation with the

Swiss National Supercomputing Centre (CSCS) is pleased to announce a weekend autumn

school for graduate/PhD students in the fields of modern mathematics and computer science:



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CSCS-USI Autumn School on "GPU-enabled numerical libraries"

September 14-15 (Sat. & Sun.), 2013


Course schedule


          The FoMICS initiative together with CSCS offers a 2-day intensive workshop on the use of numerical

      libraries for Graphical Processing Units (GPUs). GPUs offer huge potential performance, but their

      programming can be challenging. One way to attain the promised performance is to invoke routine

      from libraries which have been specially designed and optimized for GPUs.The first day of the course

      will include a fast-paced GPU programming tutorial, supplementing the GPU Programming Workshop

      and focussing on such advanced topics as exploiting different types of GPU memory, exploring CPU

      GPU bandwidth, and programming non-trivial algorithms.  The next 1-1/2 days will include tutorials on

      existing GPU-enabled libraries, such as CUBLAS, CUSPARSE, CUFFT, PARALUTION, and MAGMA.  

      The tutorials will be supplemented by hands-on training on the CSCS GPU development cluster "Todi".




Achille Peternier (ICS-USI)

Peter Messmer (NVIDIA)

William Sawyer (CSCS)

Dimitar Lukarski (Uppsala University)

Stanimire Tomov (UTK)




Room A12, Università della Svizzera italiana (USI), Lugano



For registration please visit:

Registration for autumn school



Registration deadline:

16. August, 2013



Maximum number of partipicians:

30 persons




Participants are kindly requested to make their own arrangements for accommodation.

Link to hotel map of Lugano.




Acquaintance with C/C++ programming is assumed; some initial exposure to GPU programming is desirable.  

The CSCS GPU development cluster Todi will be available for the hands-on training.  

Participants are expected to bring a laptop for hands-on training.




William Sawyer (CSCS)

Rolf Krause (ICS-USI)

Roberto Croce (ICS-USI)