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Swiss Graduate Program FoMICS


Swiss Graduate Program FoMICS




“Foundations in Mathematics and Informatics for

Computer Simulations in Science and Engineering”


The Swiss Graduate Program “Foundations in Mathematics and Informatics for Computer Simulations in Science and Engineering” aims to create an education-driven cooperation network between Swiss Universities in order to train PhD students in the fields of modern mathematics and informatics.

A successful project in the widespread area of computer simulation in science and engineering must be based on two keystones: on the one hand, rigorous mathematical methods and models, where complex real-life models are closely coupled with well-founded idealizations, and on the other hand, efficient, hardware-oriented development of scientific software on recent architectures. Most groups in the various fields of scientific computing have impressive knowledge and experience in these key competences, but as their target applications most likely differ significantly, their approaches in the areas of mathematical methods, models, and implementation as well as their scope in the development of scientific software and usage of modern tools and resources may also vary.

These two key competences -- mathematical modeling and high-level engineering of scientific software -- are the focus of the Swiss Graduate Program “Foundations in Mathematics and Informatics for Computer Simulations in Science and Engineering” (FoMICS). The primary goal of this program is to provide a consistent, prospective and large-scale education and training program for young scientists with profound interest in scientific computing. This program aims to form a unique, reliable basis for the challenging work in the different areas of applications. Therefore, mathematical modeling and efficient development of scientific software are identified as the connecting key competences, which account for a successful and fruitful engagement of prospective Swiss talents in mathematics and informatics.

The Graduate Program will focus on a curriculum comprised of foundations of mathematical models and algorithms, as well as on computing and simulation skills, which will enable participating PhD students to develop tailored mathematical models and efficient software exploiting the capabilities of recent hardware environments, from local, specialized architectures to Swiss-wide large-scale HPC systems. The program will provide advanced training through block-courses and workshops taught by leading Swiss and international experts in the field – complementing existing education in the participating institutions. Furthermore, it will provide and foster networking opportunities between associated faculties and PhD students. A program of short-term scholarships to facilitate PhD students’ mobility between participating centers and institutes is also envisaged.


 FoMICS Events: 

 1) CSCS-FoMICS-USI Summer School on Computer Simulations in Science and Engineering, 8. - 19.07.2013.

 2) CSCS-FoMICS-USI Summer Internship offers on Computer Simulations in Science and Engeneering, 2013.

 3) CSCS-FoMICS-USI Autumn School on GPU-enabled numerical libraries, 14.-15.09.2013.                                      




Scientific Committee


R. Krause (USI)

O. Schenk (USI)

T. Wihler (Uni Bern)

H. Burkhart (Uni Basel)



R. Croce (USI)











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